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I love books. Actually I LOVE stories!!! , they come alive and I remember the stories better if I listen to them on Audio books. Just the way my brain works, I guess ;-) I downloaded a free book (series of stories) to my samsung galaxy y and find reading in small blocks of words, alleviates my overstimulation of seeing a bunch of words on a page or pages, and I can read and get a story out of it.

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The Office of Desire

The Office of Desire - Martha Moody

I actually read the book all the way to the end, and I liked it. The author presented what seemed like to me a very believable tale of the interpersonal relationships in a medical/dental office. Since I've been in the healthcare industry since 1988, and have been in several locations and different offices, I swear she too has also been in the environment of healthcare. The interaction of everyday unextraordinary people probably does not appeal to a lot of people who are bored with their own lives and turn to soap operas and reality tv to get super doses of drama. If you are a person that loves to go to the mall or fair and become a wallflower and just watch people and their antics and make up stories for them. You will like this book. And want to meet Caroline and give her and her great big heart a big hug.