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I love books. Actually I LOVE stories!!! , they come alive and I remember the stories better if I listen to them on Audio books. Just the way my brain works, I guess ;-) I downloaded a free book (series of stories) to my samsung galaxy y and find reading in small blocks of words, alleviates my overstimulation of seeing a bunch of words on a page or pages, and I can read and get a story out of it.

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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
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The Shelters of Stone (Earth's Children, Book Five)

The Shelters of Stone - Jean M. Auel It looks like I've come to the end of a long journey, I've read the reviews for Painted Caves and it doesn't look pretty... a lot of recap and rehash, which I must say is prevalent throughout the series, the author almost wants to make it so you don't have to start at the beginning of the series, but can get along with the story no matter what book one starts with... sorta. Over all, if you want some great explicit love/sex scenes, this book does it with reckless abandon :-), the information of herbal healing was awesome too. Also quite a bit of how we got here today, our religion and political development and social hierarchy can nearly be explained by the contrast of the Neanderthal way of life to the Cro-Magnon's way. I'd recommend the series.