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I love books. Actually I LOVE stories!!! , they come alive and I remember the stories better if I listen to them on Audio books. Just the way my brain works, I guess ;-) I downloaded a free book (series of stories) to my samsung galaxy y and find reading in small blocks of words, alleviates my overstimulation of seeing a bunch of words on a page or pages, and I can read and get a story out of it.

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It's Not About the Tights: An Owners Manual on Bravery
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The Art of War
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Don Quixote
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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
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Wow! Been MIA for a while

Well lots has happened since 2014. 

First off, Happy Holidays to all my fellow avid readers !


When I last logged in, I didn't have any followers.  Things sorta got real busy and although I was still reading, I didn't spend any time filling out anything on this site... I wasn't receiving updates or reminders that there was any activity going on here.


I just happened to see a couple emails from Booklikes, and had to renew my password as it's been long forgotten.


Now that everything is back to a routine, I will be coming on here and finding new and good stories to read :-). 


So, I've just been reading and reading a couple hours before sleeping and any time I have a spare minute, it's been really nice to have the Kindle app on my little Samsung Galaxy y, having ADHD, I was unable to read printed books and had to do all my book intake with audio books. There is something about all the words everywhere that become a distraction and I'm unable to focus on just the sentence at hand and it becomes a lot of work to just enjoy reading.  I found that the little screen and supersizing the words, gives me about 1.5 to 2 sentences at a time and for me that works.  I can read for hours at a time now, where before it was about 5 minutes before I'd just quit because it was not fun, I just read words and saw no mental movie as I get when I listen to audio books.


I had a friend loan me all the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, 9 books... and I just plowed through them without posting updates or reviews (sorry for that).  I have excuses tho :-).

I moved to Switzerland in 2012, and I'm still adjusting, I find drowning myself in english books a comfort :-) as it's not spoken around me much.  I've also subscribed to a real helpful website that combs Amazon for reduced price books and freebies. BookGorilla.com, this is a must for avid readers.  I will be first putting all the books I've read for the last 2 years, and then, now I have a little more structure and time in my life, start writing reviews... I'm pretty positive in all my reviews as I'm so grateful for the entertainment value they've brought... a book really has to suck before I advise others to avoid it, so I hope anyone reading my reviews isn't disappointed  :-) 

I'm Hooked

Requiem (The Eternal Gateway Book One) - S.B.  Jones

I downloaded this book for free on Amazon.  I was blown out of the water, and I just have to get the next one in the series.  So far I've read 3 or 4 "starter" books in a series and just didn't get totally hooked to cause me to spend money on a digital book. :-) But this one had me glued to my kindle app on my phone every free moment.


If you like Sci-Fi, time-travel, and magic... you will LOVE this story.

It will be totally worth your time and money to download this book even if it's not free at the moment ... the synopsis on amazon is good enough to get you started, if I start telling more, I'll end up letting something out that will spoil it for you.  Happy reading!

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Happy 100th Birthday Albert Camus

a favorite author of mine, that I wish could have lived longer.

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Time Traders (a series)

Time Traders - Andre Norton

What a jewel of a book find.  On a whim I downloaded this book to my phone after installing the android Kindle app.  I am new to digital books and have always had a difficult time reading regular books so I didn't want to waste any money in the case I did not enjoy reading on my phone.  So I downloaded several freebies, this was one of the freebies.  What an enjoyable read, I could not put it down, I think my wife was getting jealous that I had my face in my phone reading all the time :-).


Anyway I don't want to spoil the book for others, so I'll say it's about time travel, space travel and aliens.  The title and the books description on Amazon is not that grabbing, like some books are... that's why this is a buried jewel to me.  I'm already on the next in the series, which is called "The Defiant Agents" If you got to this website for Andre Norton (http://andre-norton-books.com/archive/Index4_Series.htm#Time_Travel_series), it will say that Galactic Derelict is next, when I started reading it, it seemed to be a repeat of Time Traders, (possibly the site I downloaded it had the title switched up??) but I am now on The Defiant Agents and it picks up where Time Traders left off, rather than repeat the same story.

I'm still trying to figure out what other authors, Alice Mary Norton (aka: Andre Alice Norton, Andre Norton,  Andrew North and Allen Weston) writing style is like, she's all her own style, I like it.  Happy reading!

Whodunit? sorta

Promise You Won't Tell? - John Locke

Interesting, the author sometimes speaks (writes) directly to their readers as if writing a letter, and throwing in some introspective (inner thoughts) which added some humor to the story.  About halfway through the book, I had a health clue to who did it and why.  I think this story is meant for a younger crowd... maybe under 28? It wasn't a bad book, and it did keep my attention to the end... it just didn't knock me out with imagination like Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  I did get this book for free from Amazon Kindle .


Plague Zone - David Wellington

A very interesting concept to how we could have actual zombies.

An easy plot to follow, tho at times, found it very hard to "relate" to the main character's motives for needing to do what he just "had" to do.

The book ends abruptly so as to leave possibilities for the next book, it

did leave it at a great place to pick up from in the next book.

I downloaded this book from amazon kindle for free.

A feel good book.

Ticket to Nowhere - Peter Jenkins

This was a very easy read, the plot and characters nice and simple. It had a small element of "who dunnit" and sort of keeps one guessing,  I don't want to spoil it by giving too much info.  Just want to say that I enjoyed it, and it is the 2nd book I have actually read in about 16 years, I found that I can use my samsung galaxy y with the android kindle app and download books to read.  This book was free, as I downloaded several free books to see if I'd be able to get along with actual reading, and I'm amazed, with making the letters very large, it limits the overwhelming effect I experience with real books and tons of words everywhere, (maybe it's related to my ADHD) and one of the reasons I started listening to books.  Anyway, if you get a chance to download it for free from Amazon... I don't think you'll be disappointed.  Did I mention that it's Free?!?! :-)

Outlander (20th Anniversary Edition): A Novel

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon Wow!, what a concept for a story and the way D.G. developed her characters and plots, she brings everything to life. I'll be starting Dragonfly in Amber in the next week.

Practical Demonkeeping

Practical Demonkeeping - Christopher Moore Funny and entertaining, classic C. Moore style.

The Tears of the Sun: A Novel of the Change (Change Series)

The Tears of the Sun - S.M. Stirling Ok, I won't pull any punches... this book sucked ass compared to all the other books of the series. Don't bother wasting your time,... after sword of the lady, you can stop reading.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins Good read, tho I definitely could feel the target audience, as a father it had me choked up in a couple of spots, a great book for 10 to 16 yr olds, as there are many examples of being a good person and trying to do the right thing.

The Protector's War: A Novel of the Change (Change Series)

The Protector's War - S.M. Stirling Absolutely Loved it, left me sitting on the edge of my seat.... Meeting in Corvallis is next...

The Sky People

The Sky People -  S.M. Stirling This book was a very entertaining interlude reading while I waited for the next book in The Emberverse series (The Protector's War) to become available at the library. I really enjoy S.M. Stirling's style of writing.