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I love books. Actually I LOVE stories!!! , they come alive and I remember the stories better if I listen to them on Audio books. Just the way my brain works, I guess ;-) I downloaded a free book (series of stories) to my samsung galaxy y and find reading in small blocks of words, alleviates my overstimulation of seeing a bunch of words on a page or pages, and I can read and get a story out of it.

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It's Not About the Tights: An Owners Manual on Bravery
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The Art of War
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Don Quixote
John Ormsby, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
Christopher Moore
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Dies the Fire: A Novel of the Change

Dies the Fire - S.M. Stirling Awesome! I could not put it down and I'm itching to get The Protector's War Emberverse: Dies the Fire Series, Book 2, just waiting for another library patron to finish so I can have it.

The Office of Desire

The Office of Desire - Martha Moody

I actually read the book all the way to the end, and I liked it. The author presented what seemed like to me a very believable tale of the interpersonal relationships in a medical/dental office. Since I've been in the healthcare industry since 1988, and have been in several locations and different offices, I swear she too has also been in the environment of healthcare. The interaction of everyday unextraordinary people probably does not appeal to a lot of people who are bored with their own lives and turn to soap operas and reality tv to get super doses of drama. If you are a person that loves to go to the mall or fair and become a wallflower and just watch people and their antics and make up stories for them. You will like this book. And want to meet Caroline and give her and her great big heart a big hug.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton As always, I thought the book kicked the movie's arse.

A Visit from the Goon Squad

A Visit from the Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan I really enjoyed this book, the story is a timeline of the characters, really interesting how life can intertwine with others and where we end up in the end... how the visit with the good squad affects each of us differently.

The Shelters of Stone (Earth's Children, Book Five)

The Shelters of Stone - Jean M. Auel It looks like I've come to the end of a long journey, I've read the reviews for Painted Caves and it doesn't look pretty... a lot of recap and rehash, which I must say is prevalent throughout the series, the author almost wants to make it so you don't have to start at the beginning of the series, but can get along with the story no matter what book one starts with... sorta. Over all, if you want some great explicit love/sex scenes, this book does it with reckless abandon :-), the information of herbal healing was awesome too. Also quite a bit of how we got here today, our religion and political development and social hierarchy can nearly be explained by the contrast of the Neanderthal way of life to the Cro-Magnon's way. I'd recommend the series.

The Blasphemer: A Novel

The Blasphemer: A Novel - Nigel Farndale Absolutely a wonderful book, really liked the twist of events at the end . This book will get you thinking, questioning the various religious dogmas. No matter what your stance is on evolution, the character interaction comes alive, feels real as if you were reading about Amanda Knox or something.

The Plains of Passage (Earth's Children, Book Four)

The Plains of Passage - Jean M. Auel I'm infatuated with Ayla and Jundular, I love the how the book shows herbal medicine and how different clans and settlements have similar culture and how some practices have veered off into oblivion. It's hard for me to review a book in a series, specially when I'm waiting for the next turn of events ;-).

The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children, Book One)

The Clan of the Cave Bear - Jean M. Auel Don't judge this book by the Movie with Daryl Hanna. It is so much better. To me, it is a start on giving insight on why present day people are superstitious or why myths were invented and why religion is a big part of most of the world. I'm on the third book in the series (Earth's Children) The Mammoth hunters, and I look forward to The Plains of Passage. Read Clan of the Cave Bear to get the ground work of the characters. If you like romance novels or erotic novels, it starts to get more steamy at the end of Valley of the Horses, and so far has many steamy scenes in the Mammoth Hunters. :-)


Life - Keith Richards When I first saw that Mr. Richards had put forth a book, I was very skeptical, I could imagine it being ghost written or something. Then I saw a review from a reader that I was following on a different book reading forum in Facebook, (Visual Bookshelf), this reader liked many of the books I had read and liked and he really liked this book. So I took a chance and was amazed, it was full of funny and serious stories and it helped me get my love of music back and start playing the guitar again. On another note, I really like the changes to Booklikes! it's becoming a very useful tool to find more great books to read. So readers, try posting reviews, they don't have to be works of literature, but if you say a few words and have books on your shelf that you liked or disliked it gives other readers clues to help decide to give a book a shot.